Raptus comics festival 2013

My first time at Raptus, the annual comic book festival in Bergen here in Norway, was a blast!

During the 4 days I’ve never learned so much, made so many cool connections and had so much fun. All in the name of comics. Great comics.

The primary reason I went to the festival was to attend Howard Chaykin and Mike Perkins’ storytelling seminar. It was dirt cheap but utterly brilliant. Interactive and insightful. With the bad cop and antichrist running the show! If you ever have a chance to go to anything similar with Howard and Mike, go. Go now.

But the best thing was to get to know all the great guests. Howard and Mike. Canada’s only cheap blonde Nina Bunjevac. Mike Music Collins. The lovely Gail Simone and her husband Scott. The Ontonauts boys who I’ve met before. My artist and friend Laszlo Seber. Kim Holm, who’s done stuff for Outré. The ÜberPress guys and the rest of the great creators there.

Apart from the atrocious venue this was the best weekend I’ve had in comics so far. Laughs, knowledge and new friends.


Kim painting live with Solstorm.


Mike Perky. And Howard with the ladies.


Morten and Pål. Ontonauts.


Gail and Scott. And Laszlo’s head.


Nina grazing Nordic art.


No comment.


Mike Collins drawing Odin where he should be.


The loot.

Real life takes front seat

May has been a busy and slow month all at once. Summer arrived and the garden needed some extra care. Flowers, dirt and sunshine. We got some new furniture for the garden, as well. New means assembling duty, but eventually it all came together. I’ve now got a lovely office space in the shade out on the patio, as long as dinner and desserts are done. I could lie and tell you I’m writing this sitting outside, but it’s too cold and windy today.

Also, and most importantly, my son is on his way. Little Loke is expected mid/late June, so we’ve had to get everything ready. And we’re nearly there. Baby-stuff is filling up the bathroom and the only thing that’s missing is basically just the baby. And the complete Icelandic Sagas and Edda, so I have some reading material for the little one. (Consider that a birthday wish, mum.)

After last year’s success at Oslo Comics Expo I was looking forward to returning this year. But now I’ve got better things to do and all the comics business must wait. Hopefully it’ll be another great festival. You know, Brandon Graham, Scott McCloud, Paul Pope and Jeff Lemire are showing up. So it’s bound to be good! My co-editor Glenn Møane will be there. Laszlo Seber, a great artist I’ve worked with will also be there. Plus tons of other great people. If you’re in Oslo, don’t miss it. It’s free!

So May’s been busy on the «real life» side, and left me with less time to focus on writing. We had a successful launch of Outré – our free digital comics anthology – early in the month and the reviews that have been ticking in are wonderful. Proud of what the folks involved have created with us and how it turned out in the end. We’re hard at work on issue number 2, which will be available for free in December. You’ll find the first issue for free at our website, of course.

I’ve also managed to finish two screenplays, both now in the hands of my agent and ready for the world to conquer. One is a thriller called «Reset», co-written with Robert Klecha, a former classmate. The other one is a pure sci-fi named «Kosmonautica». My plan was to rewrite and finish one more screenplay before Loke pops up, but I suspect he’s an impatient kinda guy, so I might not make that deadline.

Several of my graphic novels are moving forward, and there’s especially one I’d love to talk about, but can’t at the moment. But that might, and hopefully will be, my next blog update.

Until next time, enjoy the summer rain. Here’s a picture of Hitchcock on The Birds set. He really had a way with those seagulls.