I write stories. Some for screen, some for paper, some for you, and some for the cloud.
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We are building M E T R O P O. Join my newsletter, our Tumblr or our Facebook page to become a citizen. Our short story collection M E T R O P O eights stories from the unending city was successfully funded on Kickstarter in January. It is set to release in April, 2018. It can still be pre-ordered through Paypal. Just e-mail me. To get an e-taste you can read a few stories here.

EARTHLOCK — available on Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One, Steam & GoG (PC/Mac)

SPIRAL #1 was successfully funded with KICKSTARTER.
Expect the continuation of Spiral later in 2018.
Pay what you want for a PDF of Spiral #1 here.Spiral1


Everything is a narrative. How do you want yours?

Photo by Jørn Stolsmo Gabrielsen

Photo by Jørn Stolsmo Gabrielsen