I write stories. Some for screen, some for paper, some for you, and some for the cloud.
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the unending city

Metropo_Cover_mini // Metropo_Quartet_cover // MES_kosmorama_plakat_lowres

M E T R O P O eight stories from the unending city (book, Outré Press 2018)
Available in comic shops in Norway & the UK. Will be available at Thought Bubble Comic Art Festival november 9th 2019
M E T R O P O a quartet of stories from the unending city (e-book, Outré Press 2019)
Available on Amazon Kindle Store
M E T R O P O Experience Space – info (installation 2019)

//M E T R O P O is a larger transmedia project.
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Earthlock is a fantasy role-playing game by Norwegian developer Snowcastle Games

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EARTHLOCK (game, 2018)
Available on Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One, Steam & GoG (PC/Mac)
EARTHLOCK – The Clay Orchid & The Stormdog (comic, Snowcastle Games 2017)
Available digitally as a DLC on Steam
GNART TIGERMOTH vol 1 – Trouble in Ramoo (comic, Snowcastle Games 2019)
Available soon…

A 4-part crime noir comic series by Magnus Aspli & Emerson Dimaya

Spiral Cover // Spiral_02_Cover

SPIRAL #1 (comic, Outré Press 2016)
Pay what you want for a PDF of Spiral #1 here
SPIRAL #2 (comic, Outré Press 2019)
Available soon…

Lettering Template 11 // Spiral1 // Lettering Template 11

Everything is a narrative. How do you want yours?

Photo by Jørn Stolsmo Gabrielsen

Photo by Jørn Stolsmo Gabrielsen

I write for multiple mediums; from TV/film to comics and games. I have studied writing in both Brisbane and London, but currently live in Trondheim with the love of my life, raising kids and raising hell.

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