When you begin writing, no one tells you…

… that you’ll feel guilty.

From the day you truly commit to your writing, you will feel guilt.

Guilt, for not joining your friends for a night out. For not visiting your old family more often. For staying up longer than your girlfriend/boyfriend/wife/husband on the 6th day in a row. Guilt, for not spending more time with your kid.

Because you don’t have time. Because you should answer those emails asap. Because there’s a Skype call scheduled soon. Because something needs to come alive on page. Something needs to be written.

Guilt, because you’re not being with those you love. Not enough.

This, no one tells you.

You’ll discover it yourself once you’ve embarked on your dream. Be it screenwriting, dancing or building that company you’ve long wanted to.

And you’ll never be rid it unless you forfeit that dream. (But then who would you be?)

Only thing to do is start balancing it. Start managing your time better. Take the time you need off your dream. Not letting it consume you.

I doubt you’ll ever be rid of the guilt, but you’ll feel better. I try every day, but the gods know I fail now and then.

I guess the good thing about it is that guilt reminds you who you are and what (else) is important.

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