Seppuku 2013, initiate 2014

I could write a long blog post about 2013. But I feel time’s better spent on this new one, this two-0-fourteen.

2013 was a special year. A year with a lot of joy, and challenges. I became a father. To Loke, who is now 6 months and missed Santa on the Eve of Yule, but saw his first fireworks last night. So far he hasn’t turned into any kind of arch nemesis.

My creative goals for 2013 didn’t quite pan out, although, in hindsight, we did really strive to make it. A lot of hard work was put down, but overall I’m not exactly where I hoped to be come January. But we’ve managed to launch two, I repeat, TWO Outré anthology issues. (They’re available free, right here, so no excuses now.) I’ve been in (electronic) touch with a lot of prominent people in the comic industry – because living up in the Arctic, e-mail’s the name of the game – and 2014 is a year for business. I had a fantastic time at Raptus in Bergen, meeting a lot of great people. A screenplay I co-wrote with Robert Klecha came to the finals in a prominent competition, which was rewarding. And I have a few really strong comic book projects on the go.

But now’s a time for the horizon ahead. And the sun’s burning over there. (Figuratively speaking, since it’s nearly pitch black all the time here in Norway these days.)

Before January’s over I’ll write down my goals for 2014, and we’ll see how that goes by the bells chime for 2015.

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