The cover for Au Fond du Trou

Me and YdAo have now sent the pitch package for Au Fond du Trou to our selected publisher. Now the wait begins. Good thing the holidays are coming up, so we can forget about the waiting bit.

Here’s the cover we went with for our heartfelt horror-tale set in Guatemala City:

This means I have two pitches on editor desks before 2013 is over. Earthtale and Au Fond du Trou. (I’ll enclose quite a bit of information about Earthtale, which is a graphic novella, once I know what the publisher says.)

And, me and a new artist are working on the pitch package for Spiral, a noir comic book series that you can read about here. And lastly me, Michael and Jelena are working on our second project which we hope to pitch to a certain publisher in Q1 next year.

Here’s to a blooming and booming 2014!

(Now, back to some screenwriting…)

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