PAX, a success for Snowcastle

Just heard back from the guys from Snowcastle who were at PAX Seattle this weekend. The last day of the convention is over and the whole show was a great success for Snowcastle and their game Festival of Magic.


Rumours say the audience laughed heartily as they played the demo, which means I did something right with the script. Always lovely to hear such feedback, as its a big motivator in anything I write. Knowing it strikes a cord. An intended cord, that is.

Hopefully, if everything lines up according to plan for Festival of Magic, I can return to the mystical world and continue fleshing out the characters and building the story together with the dedicated Snowcastle team. Fingers crossed.


My first game writing gig can be played at PAX Prime, Seattle!

A fortnight ago, the guys from Snowcastle Games in Oslo invited me to help make their demonstration of Festival of Magic be the best it could be for the PAX Prime convention in Seattle.


The blurb for the game:

Festival of Magic is a turn-based adventure RPG inspired by the classics. Join Amon, a desert scavenger, and his reluctant companion Gnart, as they unravel the ancient mysteries of Umbra. Gradually, you are pulled into a global conflict threatening to destroy the planet again. Combine farming gameplay with episodic story driven quests. Grow spuds, tend barnacles and use your harvest as powerful ammunition and spells; craft your weapons and team up your companions for battle.

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I helped develop the characters and give them their appropriate personalities through the dialogue. The demo will be available at PAX Prime from the 30th to the 2nd of September. If you’re not familiar with PAX, it is a series of game conventions throughout the US, and PAX Prime in Seattle is one of the largest gaming conventions in the Western world. Which is kind of cool, as a lot of gamers/people will be able to play a game I’ve helped give life to. And, I have to admit, it’s a little bit scary too.

So if you’re in Seattle and going to PAX, do head over to Snowcastle‘s booth to play the game and meet the great guys behind it! And let me know how you found the dialogue!