Pimping the family ride

Sometimes it’s nice to do something completely different. Like spray painting rims and details on your car with orange rubber spray.

20130928_111723 20130928_111824




DSC04338 DSC04339 DSC04341

20130927_211558 20130927_215146 20130928_111554      20130927_215154 20130927_231012


20130928_212842 DSC04351

DSC04344 DSC04347 DSC04353 DSC04343 DSC04346 DSC04348 DSC04349 DSC04350  Winter car done. When spring comes and the summer tires are going back on, I plan on doing them in matte black. Dark in summer, bright during winter.

Got the cans and good advice from Rubberspray.no