My most anticipated film of 2013 is…

…definitely The Counselor. Original screenplay by none other than Cormac McCarthy. The man behind behemoths like No Country for Old Men, Child of God, The Road and all the other books I’m eager to digest as soon as I have time. Blood Meridian is waiting on my desk at the moment.

Although I haven’t read The Counselor script yet, rumours say it’s enigmatic and poetic like Cormac’s prose – and seeing how excellent both The Road and No Country for Old Men (by John Hillcoat and the Coen brothers) filled the big screen, I have a feeling Ridley Scott will do the same. Yes, Scott’s latest, Prometheus, was… a mess. A beautiful and rich mess with bucket loads of potential. But still a mess. But I wouldn’t blame that on the directing alone. And Scott’s shown time and time before that he can direct both with vast scope and with intense emotion. And if Cormac is Cormac – there will be beautiful Texan vistas, and small but utterly intense moments.

Like with The Road and No Country for Old Men, the performances were staggering. Viggo Mortensen carried such a powerful story on such weak legs – as if he was a titan. With good help from Smit-McPhee as the boy. And who can forget Bardem, Lee Jones and Brolin in No Country…? Brolin’s utterly futile escape from Bardem’s chilling evil performance stays with you. And it rightfully gave Bardem the Oscar. Although Brolin and Lee Jones could’ve been given it just as much.

Which brings us to The Counselor. Bardem is back. Along with Fassbender – who outdid himself with Shame – and Pitt. And Cruz and Diaz. Pitt has always been great in my mind – and is probably the most versatile actor on screen today. Cruz and Diaz both did one hell of a performance in Vanilla Sky. (And maybe it was them that made Cruise not just be Cruise in that one.)

These things combined are sure to make The Counselor the best film of 2013 – unless you need cheesy CGI in your films.

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