Metropo Promotional Info

METROPO eight stories from the unending city
Hardcover + slipcase, Initial 500x limited edition,154 pages
Published: June 2018 by Outré Press


A must-read science fiction collection. A poetic, fun and aching vision from writer Magnus Aspli and illustrators: Vivian Truong, Rob Croonenborghs, Mary ‘Cryoclaire’ Safro, Naomi Franquiz, Emerson Dimaya. Cover by John Jamtli. Edited by Dan Hill.

‘The city’s asymmetric pulse surges through its grids.
Thousands are lost and you are no exception.
But the pulse does not cease. Neither the city’s nor yours.’

Welcome to Metropo with its gleaming spires and forgotten depths. A city so vast and dense it almost feels alive. Artificial or otherwise, its denizens struggle with familiar heartache and tackle questions we are only beginning to ask.

This ‘slice of cyberpunk life’ collection takes us into the hearts and minds of these denizens, presenting eight stories from the lives of those in the unending city.

Raindrop Hatch (comic, illustrated by Vivian Truong)
The Fierce Code (prose)
Temporal (prose)
Automobile (comic, illustrated by Rob Croonenborghs)
Walkways (comic, illustrated by Mary Safro)
Drowning (prose)
Every Moment is a Moment Forward (comic, illustrated by Naomi Franquiz)
Sunrise (prose)