The year of ragnarok has begun. It’s looking to be an interesting, and great, year!


2013 will see two anthologies released with stories penned by me. One is the next FUBAR chapter, American History Z. The other is Ignition, a massive anthology from 215 Ink. FUBAR has already had an extremely successful Kickstarter campaign and will soon be available across the world, online and in book/comic stores. More news on both closer to their release dates.

Since it’s the beginning of the year it’s list time. Here’s a list of my goals for 2013. And when ragnarok comes to an end, we can all see if I’ve reached the goals.

1. The epic comic series Empire of Blood – with Michael, Jelena and Gaspar – picked up by a large publisher.

2. Whole and Earthtale, two very different horror graphic novels, with Aaron and Steeven, picked up by each their publisher. Both books are geared towards specific publishers which I will reveal if they go through.

3. Make a successful Kickstarter campaign for The Wreckage of Terror, the follow-up to my graphic novel The Vessel of Terror. So that me and Dave can move forward with production and give you the eeriest horror story in comic history.

4. Get one of my screenplays/concepts optioned.

5. Launch our anthology Outré to the world!

I have several other goals I’d love to cram into 2013, but these come first. There are a few new ideas and concepts I would love to have time to move forward with, but it all depends on how smooth other projects go. But the gears are oiled, the gloves are off and Fenriz is saddled.

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